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Welcome to Appro Mobile. Mobile Industry is booming up in Vietnam. And there are plenty of young & challenging IT engineers in Vietnam. With this young power, our goal is to be the industry leader in Vietnam. And another thing is, due to explosion of the mobile industry in such a short time, there is quite a big gap between the demand and supply of capable engineers in the worldwide industry. Our young and smart engineers could contribute to fill the gap for the stable growth of the mobile industry. With this vision and mission, Appro Mobile was established in Jun 2012.

We do provide Application Development Outsourcing service and also bring in the attractive solutions which can be the game changer.

We always welcome your inquiry and promise that we will do our utmost best to meet at your requirement. We also welcome engineers with challenging mind and unwearying passion. Please feel free to knock on our door. admin@appromobile.com




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